Chapter 560 - Wish Necklace

Chapter 560 - Wish Necklace

The Century Financial Group had many channels of income. The various gaming organizations, shops, and auction houses flying their banner brought in a large amount of revenue every day. Afterwards, they would use this gold to expand their strength, bringing countless guilds under their rule and reducing them to lackeys. 

Asskickers United’s appearance had thwarted the Century Financial Group’s business plan, nearly ruining their carefully crafted operations in the Viridian Empire. Otherwise, they would’ve been even more powerful in Conviction.

Even so, the Century Financial Group was still a behemoth-like existence.

The Century Financial Group had many tricks up their sleeves, employing various financing and reselling schemes to accumulate vast amounts of wealth. With the support of their almost limitless capital, they claimed success in all of their business ventures, earning a vast amount of profit every day. More recently, however, their business operations had been sniped by Asskickers United.

Li Rui bribed two high-level supervisors in the Century Financial Group, obtaining...

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