Chapter 554 - Rivers of Blood

Chapter 554 - Rivers of Blood

Crazy Magic and Divine Flame didn’t expect there to be others. They believed Nie Yan had only gotten in by relying on some special methods. With hundreds of thousands of players roaming the streets of the Edgarton Stronghold along with its tight security, sneaking in without being discovered should be impossible. However, so many Thieves had done just that right before their eyes. Didn’t that mean the Edgarton Stronghold’s defenses were as good as nothing?

Crazy Magic and Divine Flame reacted pretty quickly. Noticing the ambush, they immediately activated their various defensive skills. To their shock, their opponents were four Thieves widely renowned for their superior skills! 

Crazy Magic raised his staff, preparing to cast an Anywhere Door to escape. About halfway into the two-second cast time, Sun interrupted him with Lock Down.

Sun closed in and sent a kick towards Crazy Magic.

With a wave of his staff, Crazy Magic quickly raised a thick ice wall in front of him.

「Bang!」Sun’s foot struck the ice wall.

The ice wall could only last two seconds before dis...

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