Chapter 552 - Ruthless!

Chapter 552 - Ruthless!

Nie Yan examined the properties of the shoulderguards. It was a piece of Thief equipment that increased Cloaking.

Phantom Earley’s Pauldrons (Sub Legendary)

Description: Pauldrons used by Phantom Earley. Contains traces of Earley’s soul.

Requirements: 620 Dexterity

Properties: Dexterity +50, Speed +50, Stealth +20, Cloaking +10, Reflex +10.

Phantom Form (Rank 7): Increase Stealth and Cloaking by 60 and Speed by 50. For the first 10 seconds, the user cannot be seen through by eye or illumination skills. You cannot attack while in this state. Duration: 30 seconds.

Weight: 2 lbs

Restrictions: Thief

After seeing the stats of Phantom Earley’s Pauldrons, Nie Yan realized Phantom Form was the skill Shadow Killer had used to escape from him previously! This skill was quite decent on top of being rare. 

Nie Yan equipped Phantom Earley’s Pauldrons. Looking at his character window, he was basically fully decked out with Sub Legendary and Legendary-grade equipment.

At this moment, Shadow Killer had already revived in the graveyard. He still had a dazed look on his face. This was...

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