Chapter 551 - Flawless Assassination!

Chapter 551 - Flawless Assassination!

Nie Yan inched closer and closer to Crazy Magic, Shadow Killer, and the others. Still 50 meters away from them, he came to a stop.

After watching Crazy Magic, Shadow Killer, and the others chat for over an hour, Nie Yan couldn’t wait any longer. He activated Disappear and approached closer to listen to their discussion. For a full 15 minutes, they talked about matters related to Asskickers United.

“The boss issued an order. Since you’re not Nirvana Flame’s match, you can switch targets to the other members of Asskickers United, like Undying Scoundrel, Painted Muslin, and so on,” Crazy Magic said.

Nie Yan’s expression flickered with surprise. He shifted his attention to Shadow Killer, wondering how this prideful assassin would react. Based on his understanding of Shadow Killer’s disposition, he definitely wouldn’t take kindly to someone saying he wasn’t up to snuff. Crazy Magic’s words would undoubtedly strike a nerve.

Shadow Killer’s face was covered by a cloak. No one could see his expression.

“Until I kill Nirvana Flame, I won’t go after any of those other small fries from Asskickers United,” Shadow Killer responded, his voice containing a trace of anger.

“You think you can kill Nirvana Flame? What happened the last two times you tried to assassinate him? Did you forget?” Crazy Magic coldly harrumphed. He was displeased with Shadow Killer back talking him. In any case, he was a guild leader, while Shadow Killer was nothing more than a lowly hired hand.

“Either I kill Nirvana Flame or he kills me. As for the rest, they’re not qualified,” Shadow Killer said in a harsh tone.

“Y-you dare to go against the boss’ orders!?” Crazy Magic shouted in anger.

“I’ve never listened to anyone’s orders, including Cao Xu’s! It’s better if we go our separate ways,” Shadow Killer said. He got up and left.

Crazy Magic sneered. What an ungrateful bastard!

Shadow Killer exited the main lobby.

Watching Shadow Killer’s figure disappear into the corridor, Nie Yan sank into deep thought. It appeared the partnership between Shadow Killer and the Century Financial Group wasn’t all that harmonious. This was his opportunity! If Shadow Killer was a graceful loser, he could attempt to lure him over to Asskickers United after killing him. Even if he failed to do this, he could still hire Shadow Killer’s services. If Shadow Killer was a sore loser, however, at the very least he could make him follow through with their bet and assassinate three people for him. He would set people like Soaring Angel as the targets, causing Shadow Killer to have a falling out with the Century Financial Group and Angel Corps. At that time, even if he didn’t take action against Shadow Killer, the Century Financial Group and Angel Corps would.

Nie Yan tailed Shadow Killer from a safe distance, leaving the main lobby.

King of the World, Sun, and the others were already here. Leaving Crazy Magic and Divine Flame to them should be fine. Given their strength, no problems would arise.

Nie Yan’s target was Shadow Killer!

After leaving the lobby, Shadow Killer walked through the corridor toward the garden.

Did you locate Nirvana Flame?」Shadow Killer asked in his organization’s voice chat.

Boss, Nirvana Flame disappeared. No one knows where he is,」a player called Hoss replied.

I’m guessing he probably went off to do some quest. That’s why no one can find him,」another player called Show Hand chimed in.

Keep searching until you find him,」Shadow Killer said. Recalling Crazy Magic’s previous words, he clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white, revealing the anger in his heart. This was the first time someone had looked down on him in such a way. He felt like his dignity was trampled on.

Lining the corridor stood thick, solid, and sturdy pillars. The roof was made out of silver-white wood, engraved with ornate designs that depicted all sorts of beautiful imagery.

Shadow Killer seemed to be lost in thought as he walked through the corridor. He refused to pledge loyalty to anyone, least of all Cao Xu. He was an assassin with his own principles. But at the same time, he was also the leader of the Dark Immortal gaming org, with employees that depended on him to make a living. If he continued to stubbornly obsess over Nie Yan and refuse to listen to Cao Xu’s orders, he would most likely lose the investment of the Century Financial Group. If that happened, Dark Immortal would suffer a huge financial blow.

Shadow Killer believed he was in the right. He always stuck to his pride as an assassin. In Asskickers United, aside from Nie Yan, there were maybe a few others who were worthy of his attention. But right now, his only target was Nie Yan! 

After following Shadow Killer for about a hundred meters, Nie Yan noticed they’d entered a fairly secluded area. Now was the perfect time to carry out the assassination!

With the falling out between Shadow Killer and Crazy Magic moments ago, Nie Yan judged Shadow Killer wouldn’t likely inform Alliance of Mages immediately if Nie Yan succeeded in killing him. No one would want to publicize something as humiliating as their defeat, especially after someone called you weak, not up to snuff.

Nie Yan was free to take action here!

This place would become Shadow Killer’s grave!

Nie Yan scanned his surroundings. The corridor was pretty spacious. If a battle broke out, he could still move freely.

However, besides direct confrontation, Nie Yan wondered if there was perhaps another way.

Given Shadow Killer’s strength, killing him would be difficult. The one thing Thieves didn't lack was escape skills. He had to prevent Shadow Killer from using any of them!

When Nie Yan raised his head, he spotted a beam above him. It was about five meters from the ground. A light bulb lit up in his head.

There is a way!

Nie Yan dashed through the garden path to overtake Shadow Killer. He activated the Crawler Ring and climbed up one of the pillars, then leapt onto a beam.

Nie Yan moved with care and grace.

The corridor was quiet. Normally, unless there was some important meeting going on, no people could be found walking around here.

Seeing Shadow Killer approaching closer step-by-step, Nie Yan arched his body, like a hunter hiding in the darkness. He closely observed Shadow Killer’s every move. When Shadow Killer arrived within six meters of him, he activated several skills that increased his Cloaking.

As Shadow Killer was walking, he knitted his brows. He halted his steps and looked around, but failed to discover anything. He advanced a few more steps, but this uneasy feeling still didn't go away.

At this moment, Shadow Killer was standing right below the beam Nie Yan sat on. He only felt a trace of uneasiness, but he couldn’t find where it was coming from.

Bloodshadow Eye!

Shadow Killer’s eyes flashed with a crimson light. As he looked around, he couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

“I’m getting too paranoid,” Shadow Killer bitterly chuckled to himself.

After investigating his surroundings with Bloodshadow Eye, Shadow Killer relaxed his guard. Add this on top of the fact there was no one ever here, and he was at his most vulnerable state. 

Shadow Killer took a step forward.

Seeing this, Nie Yan’s lips curved into a cold smile. It was now or never!

As Shadow Killer took another step forward, Nie Yan extended his left hand and shot out a web line.

Even though Shadow Killer sensed something coming from behind him, he could determine it wasn’t anything dangerous like a dagger.

Just as he was about to turn around, the web line stuck to his waist, attaching firmly to his leather armour.

Nie Yan planted his feet onto the beam, then gave a powerful tug.

Before he could figure out what was happening, Shadow Killer felt a strong force pulling at his waist. He was lifted off his feet.

Shadow Killer turned his head and spotted the web line. His heart tightened. He quickly slashed at it with his dagger. But to his dejection, it didn’t snap, only leaving a slight nick.

As Shadow Killer was suspended mid-air, he spotted a figure on the beam. His heart trembled. It was Nirvana Flame! What was he doing here?

Nie Yan’s cold smile entered Shadow Killer’s eyes, causing a cold shiver to run down his spine. He realized it in an instant. He had fallen into an ambush!

While suspended mid-air, Shadow Killer was unable to use any sort of escape skill. Furthermore, his body was involuntary rocking and swaying constantly. He had no way of determining his direction.

Concussive Blow!

Nie Yan stabbed toward Shadow Killer’s forehead like a lightning bolt.

Shadow Killer was just about to raise his dagger to block. However, an electric shock struck his body, inflicting him with paralysis.

“Shit!” Shadow Killer cursed. At this moment, Nie Yan’s Concussive Blow landed, stunning Shadow Killer.

Nie Yan drew an arc across Shadow Killer’s throat with Zennarde’s Sword as blood came spraying out.

Nie Yan recalled the web line. He landed at the same time Shadow Killer’s corpse hit the ground.

Shadow Killer probably had no idea how Nie Yan had killed him. If they fought normally, Nie Yan definitely couldn’t have killed him so easily. No matter how strong Nie Yan was, he could still flee with any one of his escape skills. However, Nie Yan’s assassination technique was too unusual. Before he could put up any resistance, he was already killed.

Nie Yan first used the web line to hoist Shadow Killer up into the air, momentarily disorientating him, then struck him with the ability of the Lightning Ring. Escape skills couldn’t be activated while off the ground, and Shadow Killer didn’t have any powerful skills like Adjudicator of God. He had no way to prevent himself from getting paralyzed, which allowed the Concussive Blow to land cleanly.

Everything was done in quick succession. Shadow Killer had no time to react at all!

Within seconds, Shadow Killer lost his life to Nie Yan’s blade.

Seeing Shadow Killer’s corpse lying on the ground, Nie Yan had a satisfied smile on his face. Putting away Zennarde’s Sword, he bent down and picked up the piece of equipment Shadow Killer dropped. It was Sub Legendary-grade shoulderguards!

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