Chapter 550 - Targets Sighted

Chapter 550 - Targets Sighted

The Thief Nie Yan had set his sights on happened to pass closeby on his way into the wilderness.

Seeing the Thief’s figure fading in the distance, Nie Yan activated the Doppelganger Necklace. His appearance started rapidly changing, his nose becoming flatter, pockmarks appearing on his face, and his cheeks caving in somewhat. He looked almost exactly like the Thief, save for some minor details.

The Doppelganger Necklace had a fatal flaw. If you encountered someone familiar with the target, chances were high the ruse would be seen though.

Nie Yan planned to use the Doppelganger Necklace to sneak in. As for how King of the World and the others would get in, he didn’t know. But this kind of problem shouldn’t be too difficult for them. If worse came to worst, they could just wait until the number of people around the gate decreased somewhat.

After stealing the appearance of that Thief, Nie Yan put on a black cloak to hide his equipment.

Finished with his preparations, Nie Yan stepped out into the open and headed for the gate.

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