Chapter 542 - Absolute Advantage

Chapter 542 - Absolute Advantage

No one knew exactly how powerful the Darkwing Dragon was. But this gigantic beast was undoubtedly the overlord of the skies. Its deep black scales and awe-inspiring appearance left a deep impression in the hearts of everyone present.

Everyone knew the hierarchy of flying mounts.

There were 16 ranks. Rank 6 or higher flying mounts were fairly rare. Rank 9 or higher flying mounts were famed existences known for their overwhelming might. As for Rank 16 flying mounts, they only existed in legends.

Base rank 2 flying mounts like Wind Serpents and Demonic Butterflies could achieve Rank 9 at best. Achlys Dragonflies, Griffons, and Azure Winged Albatross’ started out at Rank 3 after hatching and could evolve up to Rank 10. As for the Darkwing Dragon, it started out at Rank 5 and could evolve to the illustrious Rank 16.

Evolving a flying mount was an incredibly difficult affair that consumed a large amount of Life Cores. This was why flying mounts were destined to slaughter each other, until an unmatched...

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