Chapter 541 - Debut of the Darkwing Dragon!

Chapter 541 - Debut of the Darkwing Dragon!

Nie Yan naturally wouldn’t be so foolish as to let Asskickers United engage Alliance of Mages in a head-on confrontation. If they really duked it out with each other fair and square, he had little to no idea how many trump cards the enemy had prepared against them. Furthermore, the death penalty of dropping five levels and losing three pieces of equipment was extremely harsh. He had no desire to have his elites take needless losses. After all, they were the pillars of the guild. If they took heavy losses, it would be quite troublesome. That’s why he wanted to mitigate as much damage as possible.

In order to achieve this, Nie Yan could only rely on odd methods, like the string of traps and Thief ambushes.

Plus, all was fair in love and war!

Even if he was cursed at by the entire world, he didn’t care!

Nie Yan had the Thieves under him replace the traps that were set off, differing slightly from the ones from before but with exactly as much killing power! Furthermore, they were placed even closer together than before, since Alliance...

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