Chapter 538 - Clever Deployment of Thieves

Chapter 538 - Clever Deployment of Thieves

Alliance of Mages’ forces began setting out towards the castle Asskickers United occupied.

The victory condition was to occupy all 10 castles for one hour. Without possessing an absolute advantage, this kind of feat was difficult to achieve. So, they didn’t need to guard their castles for the time being and could freely engage with the enemy.

By ending the battle within a day, Crazy Magic and the others could rush back to Moonlight City.

Alliance of Mages’ troops advanced toward Asskickers United’s location. What happened next caused Crazy Magic to almost blow his top.

Alliance of Mages suffered repeated ambushes from Asskickers United’s Thieves, losing player after player. Crazy Magic attempted to have his forces surround these Thieves to no avail. They were simply too shrewd and skilled, like phantoms only showing themselves when they wanted to. There was no way to guard against them. In the beginning, Alliance of Mages’ forces were a lot less organized. However, after losing more than 10 of their comrades to these Thieves,...

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