Chapter 537 - Luring the Tiger

Chapter 537 - Luring the Tiger

Nie Yan picked up the three pieces of equipment, all of which were for Level 70 Warriors. One was Sub Legendary-grade while the other two were Dark Gold-grade. They were fully socketed with gems, which increased defense, magic resistance, and attack. Each gem was worth at least 1,000 gold. Furthermore, every piece of equipment was upgraded to +9. Nie Yan estimated each piece was worth tens of thousands of gold, especially the Sub Legendary-grade equipment, which was worth at least 100,000 gold. 

The fact that every Direwolf player was probably similarly equipped was a testament to the Century Financial Group’s wealth!

The number of people in Asskickers United that could use such expensive equipment definitely didn’t exceed 10. Fully equipping someone with this kind of equipment would cost at least 600,000 gold. Nie Yan planned to give these three piece of equipment to Monochrome and Edgeless, depending on who had more use for it.

Nie Yan turned around. The ground was a mess, with more than 10 corpses strewn about....

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