Chapter 536 - Flawless Interception

Chapter 536 - Flawless Interception

Everyone was already of aware of Nie Yan’s frightening level of skill. They had seen many of his videos, especially the one of him felling Hei Zhuo in a single strike, which led to him being nicknamed the Mad Rogue. His legend was still standing strong to this day. His disappearance into stealth only meant one thing. He was about to take action yet again!

“Priests, Illuminate!” a Warrior cried out in fear.

A nearby Priest quickly raised his staff in preparation to cast Illuminate. However, at this moment, a blade enveloped in black flames streaked across his throat. The last syllable failed to come out of his mouth as his lifeless body collapsed on the ground.

“Fucking hell! He’s too fast!” the Warrior cursed. Nie Yan was like a phantom, no one knew where he would strike next.

After killing the Priest, Nie Yan entered back into stealth. Looking around, the people here were too weak, failing to serve even as a warmup. His gaze locked...

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