Chapter 535 - Death God Appears

Chapter 535 - Death God Appears

Lustboy had many life escaping skills at his disposal. So, when he was surrounded earlier, he could rely on his skills to escape. Only if he was backed into a corner with no other alternative would he use an Unknown Transfer Scroll since they became less effective with each successive use. It was better to use them sparingly. However, since the boss already had a plan, he decided to give these Alliance of Mages bastards a taste of their own medicine. He was no longer trying to escape.

All around Lustboy were steep cliffs, save for the direction he came from. This area was devoid of plant life, perfectly suited for battle.

Lustboy halted his steps. As he looked behind him, several shadows dashed out from the forest and blocked off his escape routes.

“Little rat! Let’s see where you can run off to now!” Several Warriors circled in on Lustboy with evil smiles on their faces.

Lustboy gazed past them. Two cloaked...

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