Chapter 534 - Hunting

Chapter 534 - Hunting

The three Warriors were positioned at the front of the group. They were opening the path forward by hacking down branches and shrubs.

Nie Yan considered many methods to take out this group, one of which was having the Darkwing Dragon ambush them from the sky. However, he decided against it in the end. The Darkwing Dragon was his trump card. He would only reveal it during a crucial moment. After all, he didn’t know how many flying mounts Alliance of Mages had on their side. One more thing to consider was the denseness of the forest. If they were to go into hiding, it would be incredibly difficult to find them. The Darkwing Dragon was more suited to open skies.

Nie Yan decided to slaughter them himself. Even though he was outnumbered by quite a bit, it would be a piece of cake for him.

The forest was his domain! 

The Mages at the back of the group were chatting with each other. When the conversation topic switched to Asskickers United, their voices were filled...

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