Chapter 523 - Mysterious Shadow Priest

Chapter 523 - Mysterious Shadow Priest

Wind Serpents were a type of flying mount. At present, the flying mount leaderboard already had three entries. The Netherthunder Eagle was rank one, a White Maned Griffon was rank two, and the Wind Serpent was rank three. Among all flying mounts, Wind Serpents were a fairly weak species. Their physical attacks were rather lackluster. However, they had a powerful secret weapon, and that was their highly potent poison. They could shoot it to deal lethal damage. So, their combat strength was still fairly high.

That said, any flying mount was an invincible existence to ordinary players.

A Shadow Priest was riding on top of the Wind Serpent. He was wearing a black cloak which completely hid his appearance.

The entrance of the Wind Serpent was too sudden. Both Tang Yao and Crazy Magic were caught off guard. The Wind Serpent’s rider clearly didn’t belong to Alliance of Mages or Asskickers United!

Countless experts existed inside Conviction. Even Nie Yan didn’t dare to claim he was unrivalled....

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