Chapter 522 - Wind Serpent!

Chapter 522 - Wind Serpent!

After stunning Broken Bone Blade, One Strike Vow erupted with a flurry of attacks. With her damage, it didn’t take more than two hits to finish him off.

Broken Bone Blade collapsed on the ground. The nearby Mages all targeted One Strike Vow with their spells.

One Strike Vow quickly dodged with Gale Step, then vanished into thin air.

“Don’t let her escape! Kill her!” Crazy Magic roared after glancing at the corpse of Broken Bone Blade. 

Orbs of light shot up into the sky and illuminated the ground below, revealing One Strike Vow’s silhouette dashing away at lightning speed. She was immediately bombarded with spells, her health rapidly falling below 50%. When it looked like she was about to die, she crushed an Unknown Transfer Scroll and disappeared.

“Fuck!” Crazy Magic cursed. One Strike Vow still got away in the end. He no longer dared to be as careless as before.

Had the ambusher been Nirvana Flame instead, he would already be a cold corpse...

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