Chapter 520 - Targeted

Chapter 520 - Targeted

The sound of movement came from the distance. Nie Yan and Xie Yao hurriedly put back on their equipment as a Flame Giant walked by.

Nie Yan glanced at his side. Xie Yao’s beautiful eyes had an indescribable charm and allure to them.

Nie Yan felt a fire ignite inside him. After going through the previous affair, their relationship had advanced another step forward.

A little while later, Nie Yan started aggroing Flame Giants again. The two acted the same as before, killing and levelling up.

The seconds turned into minutes, and the minutes into hours.

About 20 minutes away from the Flame Cavern, a 300-man expedition team was making their way toward the deepest parts of the Leso Ravine. They were preparing to hunt the Level 90 Lord, Thunder Ape.

These 300 players were precisely the forces of Asskickers United led by Bladelight and Smoke Stub.

They were the only expedition team in the Leso Ravine. At this time, they were the only team...

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