Chapter 519 - Hearts Entwine

Chapter 519 - Hearts Entwine

Xie Yao was truly left speechless when it came to Nie Yan. Speaking on his good traits, he had completely ignored Jiang Yingyu despite her repeated advances and devilish looks. Speaking on his bad traits, whenever Xie Yao and him were alone together, his mind would always be filled with dirty thoughts. Only a little time had passed since last time, and here he was mischievous again.

Nie Yan was teasing Xie Yao non-stop, causing her to become increasingly sensitive. Being caressed by his hand, she felt all the strength drain from her body. Lost in her pleasure, she fantasized of their bodies locked together in hot embrace. During her brief moments of lucidity, a feeling of sin and shame would wash over her.

Every time Xie Yao got close to Nie Yan, she felt like she was on cloud nine.

Nie Yan pulled Xie Yao into his embrace, then whispered in her ear, “You can pick up the loot off the ground later.”

Xie Yao resembled a nymph in her light blue robe. Her supple and beautiful cheeks flushed bright red.

Nie Yan groped and pinched the soft and perky mounds from under Xie Yao’s robe. Inside the game, players could set the Intimacy with their friends. With Intimacy set at the highest, the most sensitive and guarded areas could be freely touched. With Intimacy set at the lowest, even touching the other party was impossible. This safeguard was implemented specifically for female players. Xie Yao had naturally set her Intimacy with Nie Yan to the highest possible level. He could do with her however he pleased.

Xie Yao’s skin tight robe filled Nie Yan with lustful desire.

Nie Yan knew all of Xie Yao’s most sensitive spots. Her constitution was fairly special. She was moaning and squirming non-stop.

Xie Yao’s slender legs were taut and flexible thanks to her taekwondo training. Her skin was smooth and exquisite.

“Xie Yao, how about taking off the robe?” Nie Yan whispered, gently nibbling on her ear. A tiny sample could no longer satisfy him. He wanted to eat her up whole.

“Nie Yan, can we not do this here?” Xie Yao pleaded anxiously. The tunnel was pitch black. However, the cold wind which occasionally blew past filled her heart with unease. After all, this was outside.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. He had definitely gone too far with his antics. He was about to apologize...

Xie Yao raised her head to look at Nie Yan, then lowered it back down again. After hesitating for a moment, she let out a deep sigh. Forget it, my heart and body already belong to him anyway. She unequipped her robe.

The robe separating the two vanished into thin air. Xie Yao’s flawless figure was on full display. Nie Yan’s breath stagnated. His gaze fell on her body, unable to look away. The goddess from his memory stood before him.

With his high Night Vision stat, Nie Yan could clearly see Xie Yao’s fair white skin which sparkled translucently like the finest jade.

Sensing Nie Yan’s lustful gaze, Xie Yao instinctively covered her chest. Her bright red cheeks were tender and beautiful. In this aspect, she was still quite shy and reserved.

If the two took it to the next step, would this count as him breaking his promise to Xie Jun?

Nie Yan felt conflicted. He had an intense urge to exploit this loophole, but he immediately pushed it back down. How could he call himself a man if he didn’t keep his word?

Thanks to the recent growth of World Bloc, Nie Yan felt he was gradually bridging the gap with the Dragonsoar and Glory Financial Groups. Before long, he could proudly stake his claim on Xie Yao.

Nie Yan knew Xie Yao would do anything he asked. However, he simply owed her too much in both lifetimes. He would at the very least first grow powerful enough so that others didn’t look down on their relationship.

Take for example the incident that occurred between them in the secret underground chamber during the previous timeline. From then on, they gradually drifted apart. That kind of reckless intimacy only ended up hurting Xie Yao. At that time, he was powerless to do anything. He couldn’t allow that same tragedy to repeat itself in this life.

Nie Yan resisted his carnal desire to go all the way with Xie Yao, but he was still incredibly aroused. With a deep breath, he whispered, “Xie Yao, help me.”

“W-what do you want me to do?” Xie Yao asked with a flustered stutter. She was like a frightened rabbit. Laying herself bare in front of him, she had long since reached her limit. The thing he requested of her made her heart even more chaotic.

Xie Yao steeled herself and bent down toward Nie Yan’s waist.

The two seemed to forget everything. All that was left was endless pleasure.

It was like that special night in the secret chamber all over again. Although Nie Yan didn’t cook the rice with Xie Yao this time, they had still grown closer than they ever before as their hearts intertwined together.

After some time, Nie Yan’s war cry echoed through the darkness.

A desolate bleakness pervaded the dark cave as the two of them lay there panting. Besides Nie Yan and Xie Yao, no other player was here. A few Flame Giants respawned in the distance. The ones they killed earlier had already disappeared, their corpses cleared away by the system.

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