Chapter 517 - Another Sub Legendary-grade Chest!

Chapter 517 - Another Sub Legendary-grade Chest!

As for how to kill the Flame Giant, Nie Yan already had a method in mind. He would go with his original plan.

“Follow me,” Nie Yan said, leading Xie Yao deeper into the cave. After a while, they arrived at a deep, narrow tunnel.

This tunnel could only fit two people side-by-side at most. Even turning around was cumbersome.

It was impossible for large monsters like the Flame Giant to fit inside.

After describing his plan to Xie Yao, Nie Yan said, “Wait here, I’ll go draw aggro.”

“Don’t Flame Giants have ranged magic? Can’t they attack us from inside the tunnel?” Xie Yao asked. Nie Yan’s plan didn’t seem feasible.

“You’re right. Flame Giants do have ranged magic. However, haven’t you noticed that this tunnel isn’t straight but winding? Their magic attacks won’t be able to hit us directly, so the damage will be greatly reduced. Even though we’ll be hit by the splash, as long you have...

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