Chapter 516 - Resurrection Scroll

Chapter 516 - Resurrection Scroll

Nie Yan pulled up some information related to demon beasts online and started researching the topography of the nearby maps. Gradually, his old dust-laden memories were brought back to the surface as he recalled the locations of certain chests, monsters, and more.

There were several suitable levelling spots for him and Xie Yao in the vicinity of the Hilton Stronghold. After finally deciding on one, Nie Yan headed to the Starry Night Potion Shop and picked up 100 Advanced Fire Resistance Potions and 10 Intermediate Invisibility Potions. Intermediate Invisibility Potions were fairly common, costing about 5 gold each. On the other hand, the material cost of Advanced Fire Resistance Potions alone was already 10 gold. Adding in labour costs, the production cost for a single potion was 60 gold. However, Advanced Fire Resistance Potions sold for at least 300 gold each in the marketplace. This was a markup of 400%! Ordinary players couldn’t bear to casually use such a precious potion, saving it only for special occasions, such as running an especially challenging dungeon.

For every Advanced Fire Resistance Potion sold, the Starry Night Potion Shop pocketed 240 gold. They were a money-making machine!

At this stage of the game, Advanced Alchemists were relatively rare and Advanced Fire Resistance Potion Recipes were difficult to come by, while demand was only increasing. This ensured the price of Advanced Fire Resistance Potions remained high. Ordinary players would think twice before using up such a precious potion. After all, 300 gold was enough to buy a piece of decent Gold-grade equipment. However, once you drank a potion, it was gone.

In the previous timeline, Nie Yan couldn’t bear using such a costly potion. Obtaining one alone was enough to make him go wild with joy. However, in this life, he didn’t even bat an eye at the sight of a hundred.

With his financial resources, Nie Yan couldn’t care less about this amount of gold. Only vast sums could pique his interest.

Advanced Fire Resistance Potions...

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