Chapter 515 - Nirvana Flame’s Residence!

Chapter 515 - Nirvana Flame’s Residence!

After passing through a plaza and entering the flourishing trade district, a luxurious three-story villa tucked away in a street corner entered Nie Yan’s sight. It was gated off from the public, with a stone wall running along the perimeter of the property. Inside was a vibrant, lush garden filled with all sorts of flowers and plants. Butterflies fluttered about and birds chirped cheerily. This 10,000 square feet estate stood in stark contrast to the war-ridden surroundings.

It was as if a fairytale wonderland had plopped down into a bustling downtown core. This villa stood out like a sore thumb.

Establishing a shop here would be quite profitable. Sadly, Nie Yan could only reside in this villa, not tear it down. It had a long history behind it and was considered a landmark, having weathered through many great battles without so much as being damaged.

It was rumoured six Legendary Mages had established a protective barrier around this villa. This was why it wasn’t destroyed during the demon beast invasion, or any of the other...

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