Chapter 512 - Selling Gems

Chapter 512 - Selling Gems

Ignatius was the owner of the secret fur shop. He was the old man Nie Yan had previously entrusted with the information of the demon beast invasion. He held an extremely esteemed position in the Hilton Stronghold. Based on the events of the previous timeline, almost all the NPCs lost their lives during the invasion. However, in this timeline, roughly 10 percent survived. Thanks to the timely reinforcements of the capital, several powerful Generals and Great Generals also got out alive. This was all Nie Yan’s contribution. The leadership of the stronghold would surely want to reward him, or else they would be seen as ungrateful.

Ignatius searching for Nie Yan was likely for the purpose of rewarding him.

The Faulkner Warhorse was on cooldown for a day after being killed. Nie Yan could only head to the Hilton Stronghold on foot. He activated Gale Step and pressed on ahead.

Before long, Nie Yan arrived at the Hilton Stronghold. Bladelight and the others had already set out to hunt their first demon beast. Their target was the Crusoe Demon Beast,...

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