Chapter 507 - Clever Use of the Eye of Kirge

Chapter 507 - Clever Use of the Eye of Kirge

Nie Yan selected a suitable position roughly 90 meters away from Dillons, putting him well within the range of the Javelin Launcher.

Nie Yan placed the Eye of Kirge on the ground and started chanting out an incantation. Before long, the previously dull looking orb lit up as a profound light shone out of the eye.

Under the meticulous control of Nie Yan, the Eye of Kirge floated up high into the air, then started flying towards Dillons.

At this moment, an image appeared in front of Nie Yan’s eyes.

From the bizarrely shaped rocks and boulders to the lush vegetation growing along the river’s edge, everything the Eye of Kirge saw was being transmitted to Nie Yan.

This image was a bit different from one seen by the naked eye. It wasn’t as clear but everything was there. As the Eye of Kirge travelled between the boulders and rubble, a tall silhouette entered Nie Yan’s eyes.

It was Troll Dillons!

Dillons looked somewhat restless, moving about. He directed his gaze in the direction...

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