Chapter 500 - Smoke Screen

Chapter 500 - Smoke Screen

The conflict between Asskickers United and Eternal attracted the attention of many players. The forums immediately became heated with discussion regarding this topic.

This was the first time Asskickers United wasn’t considered the underdog. Their target was Eternal’s three strongholds. If they didn’t take down one or two, this campaign would hold no meaning. Many players were waiting in anticipation to see how this war would play out.

Perhaps this matter could still be resolved peacefully if Eternal simply bowed their heads and apologized. However, if they yielded before any fighting even began, they would lose all face in Kavodin. So, they had no choice but to butt heads with Asskickers United. After the first skirmish, they could then apologize without losing too much face.

Skyfire Wild Dragon couldn’t help but feel Asskickers United was being too arrogant, thinking they could massacre Eternal with only 3,000 players. 

Neither Asskickers United nor Eternal had made any posts on the forums. Alliance...

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