Chapter 494 - Javelin Launcher

Chapter 494 - Javelin Launcher

As Nie Yan carried Xie Yao upstairs like a princess, he heard the sound of vehicles coming in from the driveway. His father was home. He didn’t dare to mess around with his father present, and had Xie Yao return to her room to get dressed.

Large crates containing electronic appliances were being unloaded off a truck.

“Uncle is back. Should I go meet him...?” Xie Yao asked after getting changed. Thinking of meeting Nie Yan’s father, she couldn’t help but become a little nervous.

Nie Yan shook his head. “No need. It’s not the right time. You staying at our villa is still a secret. Too many people knowing wouldn’t be good. It would take too long to explain the whole story to my father anyway.”

Xie Yao nodded. She also didn’t want Nie Yan’s father thinking she was frivolous, staying in his home without prior consent.

Nie Yan knew now wasn’t the time to eat up Xie Yao.

“I’ll go meet my father. You stay here,” Nie Yan said before heading downstairs.

There were many workers in the living room...

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