Chapter 491 - Reaching the Summit

Chapter 491 - Reaching the Summit

Students flooded into the auditorium like a surging tide as everyone searched for their seats.

Zhai Hao sat near the front row. As he looked around and spotted Nie Yan and Xie Yao walking in, he hurriedly waved them over.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao walked over to Zhai Hao and a few other friends sitting with him.

“Li Rui, Nie Yan is here!” Zhai Hao said. Ever since the incident with the Mo siblings, Zhai Hao and Li Rui treated Nie Yan as their sworn brother. If they heard anyone speaking ill of him, they’d be the first to stand up for him.

“Nie Yan, Class 3 sits here. I picked a few good seats for us,” Zhai Hao greeted.

“Thanks, Xie Yao and I will sit here,” Nie Yan said. There were too many people in the auditorium. He worried something would go wrong. So, he chose a seat in the corner for Xie Yao and himself.

“No problem! We’re brothers. This is only natural!” Zhai Hao laughed heartily.

Nie Yan and Zhai Hao smiled at each other.

“Today’s the graduation ceremony. Everyone is here. Many people want to meet you. You’re practically a celebrity in our school, after all. Even the people who...

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