Chapter 490 - Spreading a Net

Chapter 490 - Spreading a Net

The fog in Gryphon Woodlands was too dense. Without a Dispel Fog Scroll, advancing forward was practically impossible. If a Thief couldn’t scout the path ahead, the likelihood of encountering monsters unexpectedly was too great, leading to the team potentially wiping. So, when players ran Gryphon Woodlands, they would use up at least one Dispel Fog Scroll, sometimes two or more even.

It would generally take at least 50 Dispel Fog Scrolls for a guild’s team to fully map out and familiarize themselves with Gryphon Woodlands. Only then would their gains from each run be more stable.

Gryphon Woodlands in the previous timeline was quite bustling. Guilds would frequently butt heads there.

Nie Yan contacted Guo Huai,「Have some Mages visit Calore’s Magic Association. Look for an NPC called Izette and see if he’s selling any Dispel Fog Scrolls.

Dispel Fog Scrolls? Are they useful?」Guo Huai asked.

You’ll know when the time comes. Remember, these Mages have to be trustworthy. This information can’t be leaked under any circumstances,」Nie Yan said If the...

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