Chapter 488 - Viper Dagger

Chapter 488 - Viper Dagger

Nie Yan continued turning in sheet music scraps to Blimer. After the 12th scrap, he received another spin on the Fate Wheel. This time he received 1,000 gold. Gold and experience, both simply couldn’t compare to flying mounts or equipment.  

“Hah… I guess this just isn’t my day,” Nie Yan sighed. However, he was determined to turn in all 36 sheet music scraps. He had already used up two spins, so there was no point in turning back now. 

After handing over the 17th scrap, Nie Yan heard a notification jingle. He had levelled up to Level 73.

On the 18th scrap and third spin of the Fate Wheel, Nie Yan yet again received an experience reward.

Two percent, one for a flying mount and the other for a piece of Legendary-grade equipment, the chance was simply too slim. There was no hope.

One scrap after another, the outcomes left Tang Yao and Nie Yan rapidly spiralling down into depression.

“Ah forget it, I’ll be happy with anything. There’s no need to get our hopes up,”...

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