Chapter 487 - Fate Wheel

Chapter 487 - Fate Wheel

“Get anything good lately from grinding and questing?” Nie Yan asked. He hadn’t chatted like this with Tang Yao in a long time.

“I got a pet Ghost Wolf now. I also found some kind of book filled with a bunch of runes. I have no idea what it’s for, but I received a quest for it. I couldn’t find out anything else on it, though. You know, the official website really is disgusting sometimes. It doesn’t even give a scrap of information on high difficulty quests.”

“A book filled with runes...? Is it by chance Malkinson’s Runic Book?” Nie Yan asked pensively.

“Huh, yeah. How did you know? I searched online but couldn’t find anything. Do you know something about it?”

Nie Yan did know a thing or two about Malkinson’s Runic Book. According to legend, it belonged to the Mage God Malkinson. In the previous timeline, Young Goon of the Three Great Magisters wielded this book as his secondary weapon. He never expected in...

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