Chapter 486 - Wandering Bard’s Sheet Music Scraps

Chapter 486 - Wandering Bard’s Sheet Music Scraps

“I found two Scarlet Blaze Rubies here!” Tang Yao cried out as he pulled out two gems from the pile. “It boosts fire damage, not bad. What do you need these for, anyway?”

“For crafting an item!” Nie Yan said. He continued searching and eventually found two for a total of five Scarlet Blaze Rubies. Most likely the maps they explored had an increased drop rate for Scarlet Blaze Rubies. No wonder they found so many!

“Crafting? What kind of item are you crafting?” Tang Yao asked in surprise. This was his first time hearing that gems could be used in crafting. Weren’t gems supposed to be exclusively for upgrading or socketing items?

“A Wish Necklace! I need one Azure Fantasy Sapphire, one Scarlet Blaze Ruby, one Life Emerald, and one Magic Silver Necklace.”

“Wish Necklace, huh? What does it do?”

“It raises the rank of any crafting profession by one,” Nie Yan replied. A Wish Necklace was...

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