Chapter 485 - Scarlet Blaze Ruby!

Chapter 485 - Scarlet Blaze Ruby!

After categorizing the skill books, Nie Yan glanced at the pile with Thief skills. He had learned many skills in his past life, so he wasn’t nearly as gung-ho as Tang Yao. But three skill books in particular still caught his eye. All three were Freedom Skills. The first was Counter. It allowed the player to evade an opponent’s attack and retaliate with an incapacitating elbow strike. The second was Flicker Strike, a dash attack that stunned the target. The third and final skill was Backbreaker, an attack that struck the target’s back and inflicted the cripple status effect.

Two cripples and one stun, these were pretty decent crowd control skills. Nie Yan just so happened to be in need of some crowd control skills!

Thieves didn’t have absolute strengths, unlike Warriors and Mages. Warriors and Mages relied on equipment. A high level Warrior or Mage with high quality equipment could easily crush a lower level opponent with worse equipment....

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