Chapter 484 - Struck Gold

Chapter 484 - Struck Gold

Five days later, Nie Yan had swept through every chest in the several maps located at the border of Calore’s territory. Looking at his progress, Advanced Lockpicking Specialist had already reached 52%. Just a few more days of treasure hunting, and it would rank up to Master!

During these five days, Nie Yan had opened a total of 1,337 chests. Several times he nearly lost his life. Thankfully, even if he could do nothing else, his fleeing skills were still top notch. 

Nie Yan and Tang Yao had only explored 30% of the high level maps in Calore. Many regions had powerful monsters flying around. He didn’t dare to approach these places with the Netherthunder Eagle.

However, merely the loot from these places left Tang Yao floored. They had already returned to Calore with full bags quite a few times. The value of the equipment they obtained couldn’t be estimated. It turned out treasure chest hunting could actually be this...

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