Chapter 481 - Hatching the Netherthunder Eagle!

Chapter 481 - Hatching the Netherthunder Eagle!

“My heavens! Are my eyes deceiving me? This is a Darkwing Dragon Egg!” Collinson cried out. “Nirvana Flame, sir, would you allow me to take a look?”

Nie Yan didn’t expect Collinson to be so shocked. He handed over the Darkwing Dragon Egg.

Collinson carefully accepted the egg into his embrace. As a Beast Tamer, he naturally understood how precious it was. Great General Breakspear had braved numerous dangers in order to obtain it. Even for Collinson, a man who spent all his life researching beasts, this was his first time seeing one!

Collinson gently stroked the vein patterns on the shell. He was completely engrossed in examining the Darkwing Dragon Egg, his face flickering between excitement and regret.

After a while, Collinson turned to Nie Yan with an apologetic expression. “I’m sorry, but I can’t hatch this egg. It was taken from its...

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