Chapter 477 - Sub Legendary Treasure Chest

Chapter 477 - Sub Legendary Treasure Chest

A frightening roar suddenly shook the hall, threatening to bring all of Golden City toppling down.

Nie Yan turned his head to the front of the hall. Mine Slave Igrin stepped down its pedestal. It strode forward, each step shaking the ground, the dust accumulated over the years falling off its body. Its eyes flashed with a demonic light as its gaze locked onto the intruder.

“Wretched human, you’ve trespassed on my territory!” Mine Slave Igrin shouted in Ancient Common.

Mine Slave Igrin possessed intermediate wisdom. These types of monsters were the most difficult to deal with! 

Within a short time, Mine Slave Igrin regained full mobility and started charging towards Nie Yan at full speed.

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He quickly ordered his four Demonsmiths to go up and stop Mine Slave Igrin.

Even though the four Demonsmiths were large and robust, they looked like children in front of Mine Slave Igrin, only reaching up to its waist. It raised its thick, muscular arm and slashed down with its sickle, sending all four flying at once.

The four Demonsmiths heavily crashed into the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust into the air.

−7,657, −8,391, −8,023, −7,862

What frightening damage! Such a powerful attack was enough to instantly kill any Fighter at this stage of the game. None of them had the health or defense to survive a hit from Mine Slave Igrin, let alone Nie Yan! 

The four Demonsmiths struggled back to their feet, intending to charge at Mine Slave Igrin again. Their wisdom was too low to comprehend that such an action was suicidal.

Mine Slave Igrin stepped forward and sent one of the Demonsmiths flying with a kick.

The Demonsmiths were absolutely no match for Mine Slave Igrin. Seeing the situation turning south, Nie Yan hurriedly recalled Lil’ Gold. He then activated the Dark Dancer skill from his Shadow Walker Cloak and gradually melted into the darkness.

Mine Slave Igrin repeatedly pummeled the Demonsmiths with the weapons in its six large, muscular arms. It wasn’t long before they were smashed into bloody pulp.

Mine Slave Igrin looked around. The entire hall was empty, not a trace of Nie Yan to be found. It let out a furious roar and started searching for his traces.

At this moment, Nie Yan was more than 10 meters away from Mine Slave Igrin. Seeing it coming over, he hurriedly retreated.

Looking towards the end of the hall, Nie Yan spotted a giant golden door. This was the entrance to Igrin’s Treasury.

Nie Yan cautiously moved toward the treasury, sprinting forward in short bursts. Moments later he was forced to a halt, when Igrin suddenly started moving in his direction.

Nie Yan held his breath and hid in a dark corner, wondering how he could unlock the treasury without being noticed. Seeing Igrin come over, he instantly tensed up. If he was discovered now, any hopes he had would go up in smoke.

As Igrin approached closer and closer, Nie Yan’s heart started racing. Dark Dancer only greatly increased his stealthing capability. It wouldn’t make him immune to detection. If Igrin’s Awareness was high enough, and given the level difference between them, he could very easily be discovered.

Nie Yan sunk deeper and deeper into the corner until he could go no further. Igrin was getting closer and closer, 9 meters, 8 meters, 7 meters…

Nie Yan clutched an Unknown Transfer Scroll. He planned on teleporting away to safety the moment he was discovered.

According to the knowledge of his past life, as soon as he left this place, the Treasury Key in his bag would disappear. Igrin would replace the key and hide it in a new location.

Nie Yan could only try his luck.

On the verge of being discovered, Nie Yan gritted his teeth and dashed out of the corner, sprinting to another spot nearby.

Nie Yan got as close as five meters from Igrin. His forehead was drenched with cold sweat. Even in PvP, one could easily be discovered by another player at this distance, let alone a Level 90 Lord!

In the end, Igrin stopped at about five meters from the corner. He looked around but didn’t appear to notice Nie Yan, then turned around and left.

Igrin arrived at another corner, halting his footsteps yet again at about five or six meters away from the wall. He then left in another direction. It appeared this was its regular patrol pattern.

Nie Yan was amazed. To approach within five meters of a Level 90 Lord and not be discovered, this was practically a miracle. He pondered for a moment. This was probably related to his exceptional hiding ability. His Cloaking was frighteningly high, even far higher than that of Level 90 Thieves in his past life. Add the +300% Cloaking from Dark Dancer into the mix, and everything seemed to fall into place.

Nie Yan confirmed he would be safe so long as he stayed at least five meters away from Igrin.

Feeling reassured, Nie Yan headed for the treasury.

Igrin was still patrolling around, investigating around the hall. Nie Yan could easily approach the treasury. He dashed up and inspected the door. 

It looked quite peculiar. It was cast out of a solid block of gold, but it was filled with numerous grooves, as if it was made of many puzzle pieces. At the center was a hole which perfectly fit the key in Nie Yan’s possession.

Nie Yan glanced over his shoulder. Igrin was all the way at the opposite end of the hall, more than 100 meters away with its back facing towards him.

Nie Yan inserted the key into the door. He didn’t have any hopes of opening the door right away. He just wanted to know how long it would take. He would think of another way later.

The door suddenly swallowed up the key. Things could be heard shifting around as a small entrance the size of a person appeared. 

Things were still shifting around. The entrance was getting bigger and bigger. At this moment, Igrin was alerted by the sound. Seeing the door being opened, he let out an angry roar and charged over.

Nie Yan stared at the rapidly approaching Igrin, then at the entrance that was grower bigger and bigger. If he hesitated any longer, Igrin would kill him.

Nie Yan didn’t know if the treasury contained any unknown dangers. 

“Screw it!” Nie Yan gritted his teeth and charged into the treasury. He had to find Abak’s Cape of Ruin as fast as possible. Else if too much time passed, Igrin would charge inside and make quick work of him!

The entrance to the treasury was still only the size of a human. There was no way Igrin’s enormous body could fit through. It stood outside roaring angrily.

Nie Yan took out the Holy Stone and placed it in his left palm. It let out a brilliant radiance and guided him. 

Abak’s Cape of Ruin was nearby. The closer he got to it, the more intense the feeling he got from the Holy Stone.

Nie Yan scanned around the treasury. It was a 200-meter long hallway. Lining both sides were stone rooms filled with piles of gold, gems, and other valuables. Such a sight would drive anyone mad with greed. However, Nie Yan could keenly sense these riches were giving off a dark, ominous aura.

Relying on his past experiences, Nie Yan immediately understood that the the gold wasn’t to be touched.

So goes the proverb, “Greed is one of the original sins.”

If other players opened the treasury and carelessly tried to take these items away, not only would they not obtain anything, they might very well lose their lives. Nie Yan ignored the piles and piles of gold he was passing by as he searched for Abak’s Cape of Ruin. If it were the previous timeline, he might be blinded by greed. In this life, however, he had experienced far too many things for such a silly mistake.

After reincarnating, his mindset was completely different.

Giving up his life for the sake of riches was foolish.

He didn’t have any hopes of obtaining a windfall. The experiences of his past life were already an endless treasury, capable of making him much wealthier than the riches here. There was no need to succumb to greed. He wondered if this was a trap set up by the system.

Under the guidance of the Holy Stone, Nie Yan arrived in a room at the end of the hallway. It was quite spacious at five by five meters. A small treasure chest stood tucked away in a corner.

Demonic designs were delicately carved on this chest. It glowed red, green, and blue, constantly fluctuating between these three colours. It was sometimes as blinding as the sun and other times as plain as an ordinary piece of furniture.

Nie Yan’s heart was filled with endless excitement. This was a Sub Legendary chest!

He had only ever heard about Sub Legendary chests, having never seen one in person before. It was rumoured they glowed in three colours, red, blue, and green. Even then, it was only hearsay. As for whether this kind of chest really existed, he was doubtful. After all, he had never seen one before. 

Nie Yan never expected to encounter a Sub Legendary chest in a place like this!

As for whether or not it contained Abak’s Cape of Ruin or some other item, he would have to open it to find out.

Nie Yan bent down and inspected the chest. “Yes!” His Lockpicking skill was high enough to open it. He had to work fast!

Opening treasure chest… Progress: 3%… 5%...
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