Chapter 473 - The One Called Shadow Killer!

Chapter 473 - The One Called Shadow Killer!

The group of Thieves were waiting for Nie Yan to engage the boss to act. Little did they know that they were walking on a knife’s edge. Nie Yan had long since detected them.

Keep a close watch on Nirvana Flame! Don’t get too close. We don’t know what his perception range is. Maintain a distance of at least 20 meters!」Dark Wing said.

No worries, Dark Wing. We’ve got this!

Dark Wing took out a Soul Bind Scroll from his bag. It could restrict an enemy’s movements by preventing them from leaving the combat zone and using any teleportation items or skills. Both caster and target were under the same effect. Only when one of them died would the spell end.

The Soul Bind Scroll’s effects were similar to that of a Shadow Priest’s Shackles of Strife. However, the latter was somewhat lacking compared to the former.

Soul Bind Scrolls were still fairly rare at this stage...

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