Chapter 472 - Lying in Ambush!

Chapter 472 - Lying in Ambush!

Unlocking the seals was incredibly difficult. Even up until now, Nie Yan had only removed one seal. For the sake of restoring this Godly Legendary-grade weapon back to its full power, he could only move steadily forward without looking back.

Nie Yan glanced at the loot the Demonsmith dropped, a fragment of silver metal.

Silver Mining Pick Fragment: 1/8

Eight fragments were required to make a complete Silver Mining Pick. This pick was a specialized tool for Miners. Despite not being a production profession, gathering professions like Mining were equally important.

The Silver Mining Pick’s properties were a mystery, but items that required the collection of fragments to be complete were usually worth the effort. For example, even though Nie Yan’s Splitting Edge attack power was a bit low, its supplementary skills more than made up for this.

With Lil’ Gold’s health recovered back to full, Nie Yan drew the aggro of another Demonsmith and continued casting Undead Rite. After killing two Demonsmiths in a row, he finally succeeded on the third one, turning it into his servant.

Under the effects of Undead Rite, the Demonsmith’s health increased from 50,000 to 60,000. Its defense, attack power, and other stats received considerable boosts as well. 

Like this, dealing with the Demonsmiths became much easier. Nie Yan continued luring them over, one at a time.

About 10 minutes later, six Demonsmith corpses were lying on the ground.

Nie Yan used his crossbow to aggro over two Demonsmiths, having his summons tank them while he repeatedly targeted them with Undead Rite. Suddenly, he felt a cold nip at the back of his neck. Thieves!

This place was full of Level 90 monsters. Ordinary Thieves wouldn’t come here to level!

After giving it some thought, Nie Yan slapped his head. He had revealed himself in such a showy manner at the square, then entered the top layer of Golden City all by himself under the gaze of thousands of eyes. Of course, those harboring malicious intentions wouldn’t sit still.

Nie Yan’s gaze turned chilly. Since these fellows dared to come after him, he would naturally make sure they didn’t leave this place alive!

Those Thieves were hiding in a corner and likely wouldn’t take action easily. Nie Yan simply continued on with his own business, expanding his army of Demonsmiths.

In a dark corner, six pairs of eyes were observing Nie Yan’s every move. 

Sky Felled, what kind of skill is Nirvana Flame using? It’s ridiculous!」a Thief asked in a cold sweat. A skill that could turn a Level 90 Elite into your personal servant, this was simply unimaginable! 

I’m not sure. Just stay alert. Don’t act without thinking and stay far away from Nirvana Flame. Maintain a distance of at least 30 meters. His Awareness is too high. It’ll be troublesome if he discovers us,」Sky Felled cautioned. He didn’t know what Nie Yan’s perception range was. It was better to be safe than sorry. That said, the sight of Nie Yan taking control of the Demonsmiths was truly shocking.

Luckily, it didn’t seem like Nie Yan had noticed them. Sky Felled feared what would happened if Nie Yan discovered them. Would any of them make it out alive? He prayed Blazing and his group would arrive soon.

They were all part of God Executioner Sword, a guild that had recently risen to power. They were far weaker than Asskickers United, but they were unrivalled in Moonlight City. Sky Felled and Blazing were both members of God Executioner Sword’s hundred Thief task force. Blazing was a captain, and Sky Felled an elite member. They had received the guild leader’s orders to hunt down Nirvana Flame, partially to weaken the strength of Asskickers United and partially to obtain the bounty on his head. At the same time, they could also fan the flames between Asskickers United and Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors. This was hitting three birds with one stone!

Both God Executioner Sword and Penumbra Empire were newly arisen powers. As long as they didn’t provoke Asskickers United, Alliance of Mages, or Divine Protectors, they could covertly fish up some benefits from the sidelines.

It was simply a question of whether or not these people could kill Nirvana Flame.

Seeing Nie Yan controlling several Demonsmiths in a leisurely manner, Sky Felled knitted his brows. It appeared the Mad Rogue’s undefeated streak wasn’t simply due to luck.

Three Demonsmiths already. Just how many does he plan to capture!?

Probably not that many. We also don’t know how long they’ll last either.

Listening to the discussion of his companions, Sky Felled gazed up ahead. Nie Yan, clad in dark leather armour and wielding the flaming black Zennarde’s Sword, looked truly awe inspiring while being guarded by the three Demonsmiths and Golden Dragon.

Did one of you get a recording?

I did.

The six Thieves talked in voice chat while hiding behind a statue. All the obstacles here provided great cover.

After a while, Sky Felled received word that Blazing along with six other Thieves had arrived. These players were the top Thieves of God Executioner Sword. Including him, that made eight.

Retreat back to the hallway and remain on standby. Don’t stray too far away,」Sky Felled ordered. With them looking for an opportunity to ambush Nie Yan, these ordinary Thieves would only be getting in the way by staying here. It was better to have them keep watch in the hallway.

Alright, we’ll be leaving then. Take care, Sky Felled.

Sky Felled met up with Blazing and the six other Thieves.

Blazing was a slim middle-aged man. He wore a black skintight bodysuit and wielded an azure dagger in each hand. He was currently stealthed within the shadows. He, Skyfelled, and the six other Thieves could definitely be counted as top experts. The Thieves placed on lookout duty in the hallway were also fairly skilled.

Don’t act unless you see a suitable opportunity. Listen to my command. When we go in, we have to kill Nirvana Flame immediately!」Blazing said. He understood that the repercussions would be grave if their ambush failed.

Blazing and the others hid behind a golden statue more than 30 meters away from Nie Yan. They were confident in their abilities to hide from his detection.

After Nie Yan succeeded in taking control of his fourth Demonsmith, he knitted his brows. Those several Thieves appeared to have disappeared. Did they already leave?

The stealthing capability of those Thieves was too lacking, allowing Nie Yan to detect them from more than 30 meters away. However, the stats of Blazing’s group were much higher. Nie Yan couldn’t sense them at all.

Nie Yan only took control of four Demonsmiths. He usually didn’t max out the minion count. For the sake of time efficiency, four was enough. Besides, he could still cast Undead Rite if anything came up.

Nie Yan became a lot more daring, aggroing and killing mobs without pause. 

Boasting giant muscular and burly figures with dark golden skin, merely looking at these four hammer wielding Demonsmiths guarding Nie Yan’s side made Blazing break out in a cold sweat. Just where did he get all these bizarre skills? It was too frightening!

I just received word that another group of Thieves are making their way over here. Their numbers are unclear. It seems like they’re from Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors, What should we do?」Sky Felled reported.

Let them come. Let’s move a bit further away and enjoy the show,」Blazing replied. 

Swoop in at the last minute?」Sky Felled eyes lit up. 

Blazing nodded. Their group found a good hiding spot a little further into the hall.

A group of roughly 40 Thieves entered the hall. They belonged to the special task force of Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors. Assassination missions were usually handed over to them.

Their leader was a Thief called Dark Wing. He looked around 30 years old and wore a full set of Level 60 Dark Gold-grade equipment.

Where’s Shadow Killer?」 Dark Wing asked.

I don’t know. He didn’t tell us his location. He disappeared the moment we entered Golden City.

Dark Wing frowned. He really disliked Shadow Killer and his haughty attitude—always moving on his own and never taking orders. However, the orders from the higher ups stated that Shadow Killer was to be left to his own devices. He would be an ally when the time came.

Dark Wing felt a threat to his authority. He couldn’t understand why the higher ups would have such a person join them. He really wanted to teach that bastard a lesson. However, Shadow Killer wasn’t falling for his provcations. Every time they met, he could clearly sense the disdain and contempt in Shadow Killer’s eyes. This sort of expression pissed him off more than anything.

Whatever, ignore him. Everyone, listen up. Today we’re going to assassinate Nirvana Flame. Failure is not an option. We have to show the world that no one is invincible! One man cannot face an army! Some things cannot be done alone!」Dark Wing said.

Yes!」The Thieves shouted in unison.

Nie Yan was leading the four Demonsmiths deeper into the hall when he suddenly sensed something. His heart shook—Thieves!

He could clearly sense he was already surrounded by a group of Thieves, quite a few at that. They were only 20 meters away.

This was already an extremely safe distance. The perception range of most Thieves didn’t extent past 20 meters. But common sense didn’t apply to Nie Yan.

Nie Yan’s stats had already far exceeded the imagination of these players. Not a single Thief could match him in this sense. Grand Scholar, Devil Slayer, and 10,000-Man Commander, he had accumulated these titles bit by bit. Each one represented a milestone most players could never hope to attain.

No Thief could escape his detection within a five meter range. Of course, Thieves with special hiding skills were excluded.

More than 30 Thieves were hiding behind the numerous statues in the hall. The tension in the air was palpable. In the next moment, this place would be transformed into a killing field.

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