Chapter 469 - Cursed Grounds

Chapter 469 - Cursed Grounds

“Who knows! You know the boss has a habit of showing up in the most random places. He never tells anyone where he’s going either. Hermit, let’s go back and help him! Wipe out those bastards from Alliance of Mages!” Horny Potter Squatter shouted. With Nie Yan here, what did they have to fear?

After killing the Warrior, Nie Yan pounced toward a nearby Arcane Mage.

The Arcane Mage’s heart trembled. He raised his staff and cast Slow, only for Nie Yan to disappear right in front of his eyes.


“Fuck, isn’t Slow supposed to be an instant cast?” the Arcane Mage cursed. Logically speaking, instant cast spells shouldn’t be dodegable. However, Nie Yan had predicted his actions ahead of time. In the previous timeline, this became common practice. Many Level 100+ players could do it. But it was still inconceivable in the present.

The Arcane Mage felt something amiss the moment Nie Yan disappeared. He turned to flee, but it was already too late.

Cut Throa...

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