Chapter 467 - Friction

Chapter 467 - Friction

The large square on the outskirts of Golden City. No monsters spawned here, but it wasn’t exactly safe either. PKing occurred frequently, sometimes with battles of up to several thousand players in scope. It usually started with two players bickering about something nonsensical, and ended with both of them calling over their friends until it escalated into a full-scale war.

Today was relatively peaceful. Everyone was focused on teaming up to run dungeons.

On the forest path to the west of Golden City, a group of 20 players headed toward the square. They were all over Level 60, with the highest being Level 63 and the lowest being Level 61. They were players of Asskickers United.

“Squatman, Watchful Snail wants us to bring along two Advanced Fire Resistance Potions. Someone is already on their way to deliver them to us,” Happy Hermit said. He was a Thief and the vice-leader of this team. One of his responsibilities was to pass on information.

Squatman was the nickname...

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