Chapter 461 - Godly Priest

Chapter 461 - Godly Priest

Archbishops were scarce strategic resources, especially so in the previous timeline. Standing as bright beacons of brilliance in every war, a single blessing could bolster the might of thousands of troops.

Apart from powerful healing capabilities and a keen sense of awareness, superb PvP senses were also a must.

Young Seven, Painted Muslin, and Black Heaven had all of these qualities and more.

Young Seven glanced at his skill bar, considering his options.

The calm and unperturbed appearance of Young Seven deeply rattled Mad God’s nerves. Could a Priest really defeat him? Normally, he would never believe such a thing. However, Smoke Stub’s confidence had him questioning this belief.

“Let’s start,” Young Seven said after finishing his preparations.

Mad God absolutely couldn’t lose this match, or else he would no longer have the face to return to the Satreen Empire. Not to mention he’d become a laughing stock among the playerbase.


Mad God lunged...

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