Chapter 460 - Even Priests Can Make Outplays!

Chapter 460 - Even Priests Can Make Outplays!

Bladelight and Mad God started their match. Needless to say, Bladelight was a formidable player. His title as the main tank of Asskickers United wasn’t just for show.

Asskickers United only had 60,000 players. Though size-wise they couldn’t compare to the likes of Angel Corps, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors, they had more than enough top-class talents to make up for this!

Starting from the moment of the game’s release, guilds had to search for and recruit talents non-stop in an attempt to slowly build up the number of experts on their side. However, thanks to Nie Yan’s knowledge of the future, Asskickers United managed to gather together a large number of experts in a short amount of time and provided them with the best environment and conditions to develop. This was why Asskickers United had so many powerful players, something which other guilds could never hope to achieve.

Apart from Bladelight and Smoke Stub, Monochrome, Edgeless, Lustboy, Young Seven, and the others were not any weaker than Mad God. On top of that, they had weathered through far more trials and hardships.

“With Bladelight going up, Mad God has already lost,” Monochrome confidently stated.

“Yep! The match is over before it even begins. He won’t even count as an appetizer!”

Normally in these sorts of matches, if both sides were roughly on an even playing field, a Berserker would have a tough time seizing the advantage. Fighters were simply too tanky. Just their shields alone had a huge impact, with the better ones generally having block rates of at least 30%. They could greatly reduce incoming damage or even negate it altogether.

A heavy klang rang out in the air as Bladelight struck out with a Shield Bash, knocking Mad God several steps backwards. He immediately advanced forward and continued his assault.

Mad God had no way of fighting back. Every time he’d attempt to use a skill, Bladelight would interrupt him.

“Bladelight’s timing is even better than mine,” Smoke Stub remarked. Everyone had something they were good at. In the case of timing, Bladelight had him beat. After all, as a Fighter who tanked bosses regularly, foresight was important.

Mad God was forced on the backfoot from the start. It was a one-sided affair. Bladelight was steady as a boulder, neither rushing nor hesitating with his blows. He was dominating, not giving the opponent any chance to retaliate.

Bladelight and Smoke Stub’s display of skill had the crowd wide-eyed and amazed. Asskickers United really wasn’t simple!

Suddenly a commotion broke out as the crowd parted in two.

“Nirvana Flame is here!”

“The guild leader of Asskickers United!”

After arriving at the square, Nie Yan was greeted by a sea of players. He couldn’t even see what was happening on the stage. As he walked forward, the crowd naturally parted ways for him. The nearby players all gazed at him with reverence, making him the focal point of attention.

This was the Nirvana Flame who showed off that dazzling strike in Kiln Fire Woods!

This was the Nirvana Flame who massacred Bloodlust Blades during the siege of the Cripps Stronghold!

Nirvana Flame was a legend who stood at the peak of glory, a figure shrouded in mystery.

The mood of the square reached a boiling point with Nie Yan’s appearance. 

“Hey Nirvana Flame!”

“Nirvana Flame, add me to Asskickers United!”

“How was your quest, Nirvana Flame?!”

Regardless of whether these players knew Nie Yan personally, they all greeted him enthusiastically.

Nie Yan simply smiled and nodded as he walked over to Smoke Stub. He arrived just in time to see the end of the fight. Bladelight struck Mad God with another Shield Bash, sending him flying off the stage and crashing into the ground.

The crowd erupted into cheer.

“Bladelight is so amazing!” 

“Wow! Mad God really got manhandled!”

Nie Yan and Bladelight met eyes and smiled at each other.

On the sidelines, Depraved quickly rose to his feet. Nirvana Flame, their primary target, had finally arrived!

Mad God revived shortly after. The two defeats in a row put him in a terrible mood.

“You’ve lost again. This time, I want your leg guards,” Smoke Stub said. Mad God had taken another huge blow.

“I admit my defeat, but you had a Fighter go up against me. It’s obviously an unfair matchup!” Mad God protested. He also believed Smoke Stub and Bladelight were the only strong ones in the group. The rest probably weren’t much.

Of the group, only Smoke Stub and Bladelight enjoyed the limelight. As for the others, no one really knew much about them.

The crowd immediately broke out into jeers.

“What a guy! Can’t even accept a loss. I guess Angel Corps is full of sore losers!”

“Right! He’s already lost twice in a row! Challenging Nirvana Flame? Come back in a hundred years!”

Smoke Stub narrowed his eyes, then cracked a smirk. “Fine, you want another go? Excluding Nirvana Flame, you can pick anyone among the remaining six you want to fight next. This includes the two Priests. Just like before, a piece of equipment is on the line. How about it?”

The crowd went into an uproar. No one was too surprised about Smoke Stub and Bladelight beating Mad God. However, they still recognized Mad God’s strength. He was only slightly weaker than those two. For Smoke Stub to make such a proposal, one had to know that of the six remaining players, there were two Priests in Young Seven and Painted Muslin!

A Priest and a Warrior PvPing? There was no challenge there, especially since Mad God was a top ranked Warrior!

However, since Smoke Stub had spoken these words so full of confidence, everyone was a bit skeptical. Could these two Priests really be so amazing?

Smoke Stub’s words were chock full of arrogance. Even our Priests can defeat someone like you!

Even Mad God was at a loss this time. He turned to his partner on the sidelines. Depraved knitted his brows. He was trying to decide if Smoke Stub was simply blustering or if there was actually some truth to his words.

Seeing Mad God hesitating, the crowd started heckling.

“What, are you afraid? If you are, scram back to the Satreen Empire. Calore isn’t a place where Angel Corps can run around rampantly!”

“Too chicken to even fight a Priest. Angel Corps really is a disgrace.” 

These words were extremely unpleasant to Mad God’s ears.

Smoke Stub was very familiar with the strength of Young Seven and Painted Muslin. The common perception of Priests couldn’t be applied to them. Their PvP skills weren’t to be underestimated. During training matches versus Smoke Stub and the others, they would win at least 30% of the time. Their chances of beating Mad God were at least 60%, maybe even higher. Furthermore, Mad God was in a terrible mental state right now after losing twice in a row and receiving the taunts and jeers of the crowd. Under these circumstances, Young Seven and Painted Muslin had a very high chance of winning. This was why Smoke Stub dared to make such an outrageous proposal. 

Depraved frowned. This was a lose-lose situation. However, if Mad God didn’t go up, the ones losing face wouldn’t be reserved to him alone!

There was no backing down!

Mad God, do it. Go all out! You can’t lose no matter what!」Depraved said. This situation was different from the last. Mad God’s next opponent was a Priest. No matter how you looked at it, it was impossible to lose! Depraved glanced at Nie Yan over on the other side of the stage. The final boss had just arrived. This was their target!

“Fuck, I’ll take on any one of you! I’m ready any time!” Mad God angrily stared at the six, one of whom he’d fight next.

Smoke Stub glanced at Young Seven and the others. “Which one of you wants to go up? He still has one more piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment left. If we win once more, we’ll have taken everything.” 

The nearby players who overheard Smoke Stub’s words felt their heads spinning. In their minds, Smoke Stub was a no-nonsense, serious type of person. None of them expected he could also be so treacherous and cunning. From the beginning, his aim was Mad God’s equipment. Step by step, he had lured the other side into his trap. Could it really be that in the end Mad God would lose every piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment on his body?

“I’ll go. It’s been a while since I’ve had some fun,” Young Seven volunteered.

Young Seven hopped onto the stage to the shock of the crowd. He stood proudly with his spotless white robes and staff.

“Holy shit! I’m not going crazy, right? Is Asskickers United really having a Priest go up?”

“Oh wow! Asskickers United is really planning to have one of their Priests face a Warrior!”

In the eyes of the players, Priests were nothing more than squishy healers. They rarely ever beat other equal-level classes simply because they didn’t specialize in PvP but support and healing. Some might have crowd control skills, but those were only used for self-protection.

Young Seven kept a fairly low-profile, rarely ever showing himself in public. Most of the crowd were unfamiliar with him. However, there were a few players that recognized him.

“That’s Young Seven, the top Priest in Asskickers United!”

“No matter how strong a Priest is, can they beat a Warrior?” 

“Who knows! I’m sure Smoke Stub wouldn’t let him go up if he wasn’t confident.”

Some people started digging up videos of Young Seven. These were all brilliant outplays, where he came out on top in 1 vs. 3, 1 vs. 5, and even a 1 vs. 6 scenario. These were internal videos of Asskickers United, and generally wouldn’t be leaked to the public.

Even Priests could make outplays!

Of course, those players shown in the videos couldn’t be compared to Mad God.

“My god. Is that really a Priest?” A player rubbed his eyes. If even a Priest could be this strong, how were ordinary players supposed to live?

As the videos got passed around, the crowd gradually started gaining more confidence in Young Seven. If he could beat Mad God, this would be an explosive development!

Seeing Young Seven get up on the stage, Nie Yan faintly smiled. What made him feel the proudest was that Asskickers United had three top-ranked Priests, Young Seven, Painted Muslin, and Black Heaven. All three had the potential of becoming Archbishops. Other guilds would be lucky to have even one.

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