Chapter 459 - Clever Display of the Kick Skill

Chapter 459 - Clever Display of the Kick Skill

Nie Yan had a deep influence on this group of players. In every war Asskickers United fought in so far, no matter how desperate or hopeless things seemed to get, he always stood up to the test and never showed any sign of wavering. This inevitably rubbed off on the entire guild.

Asskickers United was forged through the flames of war!

Smoke Stub and the others had picked up a thing or two from Nie Yan, and that was the willingness to stake their life and risk everything.

“It would’ve been better to have Stone Splitter come. You’re still a bit too wet behind the ears,” Smoke Stub said derisively. Stone Splitter was an Orc Warrior who gained overnight fame throughout the Satreen Empire after slaughtering a group of 30 elites all by himself. He was later personally recruited into Angel Corps by Soaring Angel and quickly rose to the top of their ranks. As for Mad God, he was a bit lacking.

Mad God might have the advantage over Smoke Stub in terms of gear quality, but that...

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