Chapter 458 - Gambler

Chapter 458 - Gambler

The imminent release of flying mounts turned into a hot topic of discussion. Naturally as the culprit behind this event, Nie Yan’s name was usually mentioned in the same breath. His fame quickly spread beyond the borders of the Viridian Empire, and by association so too did the reputation of Asskickers United.

Nie Yan’s actions this time really shook the entire playerbase. As for the flying mount system, the official website had long since created an associated information page, with players having waited in anticipation for it to open. No one expected it would be unlocked in such a way.


The Satreen Empire, Sanguine Stronghold, an imposing fortress with over 20-meter high walls covered in menacing black spikes. 

At the heart of this stronghold stood a towering building, the main headquarters of Angel Corps.

Angel Corps at present controlled 3 cities and 51 strongholds. They were a colossus and the undisputed hegemon in the Satreen Empire.

The top members of the guild anxiously gathered for an emergency meeting....

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