Chapter 456 - Darkwing Dragon

Chapter 456 - Darkwing Dragon

Nie Yan planned to have many famous crafters collaborate together. Every city had mercenary style organizations. Players in the crafters guild could register, receive, and complete tasks for free and keep the rewards obtained for themselves. The crafters guild could issue out various odd job requests and not collect an intermediary fee.

The first step was to unify the crafters in Asskickers United and have them integrate into the larger community of crafters. Eventually word would get around about how great their benefits were, incentivizing crafters all around the Viridian Empire to start flocking to Asskickers United.

Asskickers United was already known to treat crafters generously, so much so that ordinary crafters were tripping over each other trying to join. However, those with actual ability were few and far between. It was precisely these players that Nie Yan wanted to...

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