Chapter 455 - Slaves

Chapter 455 - Slaves

There were many types of slaves. Most of them had low or middle level intelligence. However, a very rare few were immensely talented and could handle any sort of task thrown at them. Some slaves could also fight in place of players with no combat ability, such as those who dedicated themselves to crafting professions.

Nie Yan wasn’t looking for a combat slave. Slaves were different from summoned monsters. Their deaths were final, like regular NPC servants.

Nie Yan planned on purchasing three slaves to help with tasks in his shops that he no longer could be bothered to micromanage.

The slave market was filthy, with run-down tents set up everywhere and wooden cages lining both sides of the central path. The large cages contained NPCs, both old and young, with vacant and hopeless expressions in their eyes. Some of the stronger looking ones were additionally bound with ropes.

The burly guards...

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