Chapter 452 - Dark Crimson Gold

Chapter 452 - Dark Crimson Gold

Nie Yan recalled the time the Hilton Stronghold was besieged by a particularly powerful invasion force from the Underworld. The fighting was fierce and lasted a full five days, wiping out almost all of the NPCs here. By the time players started arriving, the place was in ruins with collapsed walls and buildings everywhere in sight. This marked the turning point where players would replace NPCs as the main protectors of the surface world.

The NPCs walking around the street wore odd-looking garbs made out of weird scales and other exotic materials. With hordes of monsters flooding out of the Underworld every year, the residents used their body parts to craft armour. These beings came in all shapes and sizes, so there was no lack of variety.

After making some inquiries, Nie Yan learned from the NPCs that Great General Breakspear never stayed in the Hilton Stronghold for long. He would frequently go off on expeditions in the passages leading to the...

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