Chapter 446 - Bayonet’s Skill

Chapter 446 - Bayonet’s Skill

Nie Yan slipped his hand into Xie Yao’s nightgown, groping around until he reached a pair of soft, perky mounds. Frivolously, he started kneading them without restraint.

Xie Yao felt numb all over, the tingling leaving her powerless to resist.

Nie Yan knew all of Xie Yao’s weak spots. She wriggled and squirmed, her soft moans resounding through the room.

Xie Yao glared at Nie Yan, feigning anger to hide her embarrassment.

Nie Yan chuckled, then whispered in her ear, “Alright, I’ll stop here for today, though I’d really like to eat you up. Let’s go brush our teeth and wash up.”

Xie Yao quickly got up from the bed. Nie Yan’s words left her feeling even more frantic, though a trace of happiness sprouted in her heart.

Nie Yan found Xie Yao’s disheveled appearance quite alluring.

“I’ll go to the washroom first.” Xie Yao left in a hurry, not daring to meet Nie Yan’s eyes.

After coming out of the washroom, Xie Yao’s cheeks were still scarlet red. The skin under her lace nightgown glowed a faint pink, appearing all the more...

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