Chapter 441 - King of the World

Chapter 441 - King of the World

Nie Yan fled with all his might. He shot out a web line from his left hand and swung away, landing eight meters away from Furblaze. Taking advantage of his miniaturized size, he sprinted through narrow spaces that greatly limited Furblaze’s movements.

Nie Yan crushed an Aggro Dispel Scroll in an attempt to reduce Furblaze’s aggro.

Normally, the higher the aggro, the more determined a monster would be to pursue a target. When the aggro was relatively low, the monster was more likely to lose interest or stop altogether, leaving the player with ample room to get away.

Furblaze paused for a brief moment before recovering almost immediately. His aggro wouldn’t be so easily removed. After all, Nie Yan had stolen something precious from him!

The Evil Gemstone was still in Nie Yan’s possession. Furblaze wouldn’t give up until it was retrieved!

Just as Furbalze resumed his pursuit, a giant web emerged out of thin air and fell over him, binding him in place.

The Intermediate Web Scroll could only trap Furblaze...

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