Chapter 437 - Bloodshadow Legion

Chapter 437 - Bloodshadow Legion

When evening came, Nie Yan and Xie Yao logged back into Conviction. The first thing Nie Yan wanted to do was to upgrade the Special Items in his possession with the Radiant Gems. After talking to Guo Huai about it, he learned Sun was in the middle of a quest given by Master Jewelcrafter Paget. When the quest was completed, he could enjoy preferential treatment on gem upgrades. 

Nie Yan pondered for a moment. It was probably best to wait. There was a significant difference between the workmanship of a Master and Advanced Jewelcrafter. He wanted to get the most out of those five Radiant Gems. After all, Special Items like the Crawler Ring and Silk Spinner Ring were his treasured darlings. The better their properties, the more use he could get out of them.

With his equipment more complete than before, Nie Yan planned to do a few things to raise the guild’s overall strength. The first thing that came to mind was the Armoured Catapults!

Armoured Catapults had frightening destructive...

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