Chapter 425 - Death of Smoke Stub

The Asskickers United player wreaking the most havoc on the battlefield was Smoke Stub, who had single-handedly slaughtered a path forward into the enemy’s backline.

With his unrivalled gear and powerful skills, he killed more than 30 players. 

At this moment, eight Mages in the vicinity targeted him with their spells.

Smoke Stub quickly activated Divine Bulwark. Spells ruthlessly bombarded the golden membrane of light around him. However, he took no damage because no magic could pass through this barrier.

Taking full advantage of Divine Bulwark, Smoke Stub started killing the Mages with every swing of his greatsword. Three Great Warriors from Angel Corps charged forward to intercept him.

These three players were all orcs. With large towering bodies, green skin, and ferocious expressions, they innately possessed great strength.

Smoke Stub didn’t bother tangling with these three Great Warriors. Seeing two of them trying to pincer him, he charged out through the gap between them. He kept using fleeing, charging, and ramming skills to evade their pursuit while cutting down any Mage unlucky enough to be in his path. He was making them look like fools.

The three Great Warriors tried desperately to lock Smoke Stub down. But he would evade them every time as their attacks struck nothing but air, leaving them feeling endlessly vexed.

Smoke Stub charged toward a nearby elven Great Mage. Since he was immune to all magic while Divine Bulwark was active, the Great Mage was helpless to retaliate. Mages loathed these types of skills the most, since all they could do was keep their distance until the skill wore off.

Just as Smoke Stub was about to catch up, the Elven Mage cast Anywhere Door and reappeared more than 10 meters away. Four Mages stood between him and Smoke Stub, giving him a sense of security. 


Smoke Sub suddenly rammed through the four Mages with inhuman speed, sending them flying back, and instantly closed the gap. The elven Great Mage had no time to react before he was struck in the back of the legs with a Tendon Break.

Seeing the elven Great Mage getting attacked, the eight Priests in the back hurriedly healed him.

It didn’t matter how powerful Smoke Stub’s attacks were. The elven Great Mage would never die as long as Smoke Stub couldn’t one-shot him!

“Barbarian Strength! Smoke Stub roared as his muscles swelled with overwhelming power. He had previously spent six days straight getting it to level three, greatly enhancing its effects. He then activated Rage, increasing his attack power even further!

“Die!” Smoke Stub chopped down on the elven Great Mage with a Flame Slash.

Among the ordinary Warrior skills, Flame Slash and Great Cleave dealt the highest damage. Smoke Stub preferred the former. After buffing himself to such an extent and given that he was six whole levels higher than his opponent, he was guaranteed to deal fatal damage.

Smoke Stub’s greatsword landed squarely on the Great Mage’s chest and sent him flying. His cloth armour offered virtually no protection.


It was an instant kill!

The Priests were caught off-guard. Like this, it didn’t matter how much they healed. Several rays of light fell over the elven Great Mage, but their healing couldn’t bring back the dead.

Bloodlust Blades’ backline was in chaos thanks to Smoke Stub’s rampage. Their Mages were having a hard time dealing effective damage.

The Asskickers United guild chat exploded with cheer.

Smoke Stub is too awesome!

What a god!


Out of all the Warriors, Smoke Stub was the only one who dared to charge into the enemy’s backline without any support. This showed he had absolute confidence in his strength.

Smoke Stub’s actions lit a flame in the hearts of the players from Asskickers United. Especially the Warriors, they fought even more ferociously.

At this moment, Smoke Stub’s Divine Bulwark wore off. The golden barrier protecting him gradually faded away.

In the distance, a player in dark gold armour appeared from the enemy’s ranks. Sporting multiple pieces of Sub Legendary-grade equipment, the quality of his gear was equal if not superior to that of Smoke Stub.

Seeing the appearance of this player, Nie Yan’s mind trembled. It was Bloodlust Mad Blade! That fellow had actually personally come over here.

Smoke Stub, fall back!」Nie Yan ordered in an anxious tone. 

Although Smoke Stub had achieved quite a lot by charging so deeply into the enemy’s forces, the risk of dying also increased greatly. After all, he was surrounded by the top Mages of four large guilds. Without the protection of Divine Bulwark, he was basically a sitting duck. It was still possible for someone of his skill to get out alive. But that was only if he didn’t encounter a player of equal caliber like Mad Blade.

When Divine Bulwark was close to wearing off, Smoke Stub had already started preparing his retreat. He had achieved his goal. There was no point in dying needlessly.

Just as Smoke Stub was about to retreat, Mad Blade charged toward him from his blind spot.

By the time he took notice, it was too late.

“Want to run? Not on my watch! You’re dying here today!” Mad Blade shouted as he cut off Smoke Stub’s path of retreat with Intercept.

“Shit!” Smoke Stub deflected a blow with Parry. Activating Charge, he tried to knock Mad Blade aside. 

Mad Blade suddenly took up a defensive stance.「Klang!」The two heavily armoured Great Berserkers collided with each other.

Smoke Stub’s Charge failed. Surrounded by hundreds of enemy players without any way of escaping for the next 10 seconds, his death was practically assured.

Nie Yan and the others desperately tried rushing over to save Smoke Stub. But it was already too late.

Given how many kills I’ve racked up, I have no regrets!」Smoke Stub chuckled.「I leave the rest to you guys, Nirvana, promise you’ll slaughter a couple more of those bastards in my place! Don’t let the Cripps Stronghold fall!

Alright,」Nie Yan resolutely replied, his throat a bit hoarse. 

Smoke Stub suddenly turned away from Mad Blade and dashed off.

Mad Blade had only blocked off Smoke Stub’s path of retreat. He never expected Smoke Stub would go to where even more enemies gathered.

Whirlwind Slash!

Taking advantage of Barbarian Strength and Rage still being active, Smoke Stub cut down five nearby Mages.

In the blink of an eye, Bloodlust Blades’ side had suffered another five casualties. Mad Blade gnashed his teeth and charged after Smoke Stub from behind.

Just as Smoke Stub was about to cut down another Mage, Mad Blade collided into him.

Smoke Stub staggered several steps back, his head slightly spinning. Charge had a dizzy effect! Before he could recover, Mad Blade struck him with a Tendon Break, crippling his movements.

Several fireballs flew over and bombarded Smoke Stub.

“Great Cleave!” Mad Blade roared.

Smoke Stub was sent flying before crashing into the ground, never to get back up again.

Players didn’t get penalized for killing the enemy during a guild war. Smoke Stub only dropped a single piece of equipment and one level. However, he couldn’t revive until after the war was over.

Mad Blade collected the item Smoke Stub dropped on the ground. “Not bad, Sub Legendary-grade,” he said with an arrogant smirk.

Tossing the piece of Sub Legendary-grade equipment into his bag, Mad Blade led the elites he brought with him toward the forces of Asskickers United.

“You worthless ants! If any of you have the guts, I’m standing right here!” Mad Blade arrogantly mocked, giving vent to his pent up anger. Given how Bloodlust Blades had been forced to the brink of collapse, his hatred for Asskickers United was overflowing.

“No! Smoke Stub!” 


“Damn that bastard, Mad Blade!”

Many players on Asskickers United’s side were filled with grief, especially Wood Grace, Cold Peak, and the others who followed Smoke Stub from Withered Leaf. Seeing Mad Blade cutting down Smoke Stub, and then his taunting words after, they were unable to hold back their anger.

Smoke Stub’s prestige in Asskickers United was preceded only by Nie Yan and Bladelight. He was friendly and approachable, lacking any air of arrogance, and even occasionally brought the weaker players with him on dungeon runs. He would also frequently give out advice for levelling or PvP. Many players received his tutelage, for which he received their utmost respect. Since he was relatively older than most other players, having already passed the age of 30, he was even affectionately called uncle by some of the young ladies in the guild.

Witnessing the death of Smoke Stub, many players lost their cool and started madly attacking the enemy without any regard for their lives. 

Nie Yan entered stealth, silently vanishing without a trace while everyone was distracted. 

Sun, you and I, we’re going to kill Mad Blade!」Nie Yan declared in a solemn, unwavering tone.

Alright, Big Brother! I’ll follow your lead!」Sun nodded with his fists clenched.

No one noticed Nie Yan and Sun were sneaking towards Mad Blade.

This was the first time Nie Yan and Sun were partnering up. Picking out Mad Blade from the distant crowd, Nie Yan’s gaze was as sharp as a blade. With his and Sun’s strength combined, it’d be impossible for Mad Blade to leave here alive today!

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