Chapter 424 - Even Female Priests Can Be Deadly!

Chapter 424 - Even Female Priests Can Be Deadly!

Tyrant Sword was about to chop down on Paladin of the Elegy’s head with Great Cleave, when a dagger emerged out of nowhere from behind and pierced his heart. Blood sprayed out into the air.

The attack was too quick, leaving Tyrant Sword with next to no time to react.

Tyrant Sword had an incredulous expression on his face. He would normally instantly notice a Thief trying to ambush him and counter appropriately. He never expected one could get within two meters of him undetected. With such a short distance between them, he was caught off-guard and consequently struck by the dagger.

Tyrant Sword lost all strength in his arms, his greatsword slumping to the ground with a thud while his eyes glazed over. He was stunned!

The silhouette of a Thief slowly materialized behind Tyrant Sword. Sun cracked a faint smile. It appeared his ambush was quite effective. When Tyrant Sword used Seismic Slam just a moment ago, he hadn’t actually retreated. Instead, he blocked it with Shroud, which granted...

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