Chapter 422 - Decisive Battle!!!

Chapter 422 - Decisive Battle!!!

Soaring Angel, Mad Blade, and the others were chatting leisurely on the hilltop overseeing the battlefield. They were confident no mishaps would occur in this war. Even if they suffered some losses, as long as the Armoured Catapults remained in one piece, they could preserve their superiority.

At this moment, word came that Asskickers United was mounting one last charge inside the Cripps Stronghold. Furthermore, Sapphire Shrine and Holy Empire were also showing signs of movement, with roughly 100,000 of their players moving to surround the battlefield.

“Asskickers United is preparing for a final push. Get ready, everyone! What happens next will decide the outcome of the war! Protect the Armoured Catapults at all costs. Make sure they don’t fall!” Soaring Angel ordered.

“Have Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame intercept Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine!” Mad Blade ordered. “Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors are also sending over more reinforcements!”...

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