Chapter 421 - Unity, Comradery, Glory!

Chapter 421 - Unity, Comradery, Glory!

Nie Yan reappeared 1,000 meters away from the battlefield. He contacted the scattered group members and had them reconvene.

Everyone returned to the mountain forest, adrenaline still pumping from the recent battle.

At the cost of only a single Group Teleport Scroll, and without suffering any casualties, they had killed roughly 1,500 enemy players. More than 300 of whom were Priests, who could no longer participate in the siege! 

“What are your kill counts?” Edgeless asked.

“106,” Monochrome replied.

“12,” Paladin of the Elegy said.


The Warriors had killed the most enemies, with the Thieves coming in second, and the Paladins and Priests in last since they were focusing most of their efforts on providing support. Smoke Stub had the highest kill count among the Warriors at 163. Monochrome and Edgeless were the next highest with roughly 100 each.

The person who racked up the most kills was Nie Yan at 503. However, most of the work was done by Lil’ Gold. He had personally taken down only 50 or so players....

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